VMware 6.7 External PSC to Embedded PSC migration

VMware have recently deprecated using external platform service controller (PSC) with vCenter 6.5 Update2 and 6.7

Deprecation of the external Platform Services Controller deployment model (60229) (vmware.com)

Since we where upgrading from Windows vCenter and PSC to appliance’s we had to migrate to new external PSC and then convert the external PSC after the migration.

In this post we will be going through the process of converting and decommissioning an external PSC.

In vCenter 6.7 there is a conversion tool built in to the vCenter web console that allow the PSC to be converted from an external to embedded PSC.

vCenter Server Converge Tool Enhancements in vSphere 6.7 Update 2 – VMware vSphere Blog

The conversion tool is available under Administration > deployments > system configuration

Select the vCenter server that has the external PSC and click converge to embedded

Enter in the logon details for the existing PSC SSO domain and select Join AD if you want to also join the vCenter appliance to AD (use this if the existing PSC has domain joined).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-39.png

The converge tools will start and and it will require vCenter servers services to restart, this will cause an outage to vCenter while the service restart.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-40.png

Once all the vCenter services have restarted, vCenter should now show as an having an embedded PSC.

The last step is to decommission the old PSC.

Select the old PSC from in the System configuration and use the decommission PSC action.

Click on porceed.

Enter the SSO logon details, view thumbprint and accept the acknowledgment tickbox.

Click decommission and the PSC will start to be removed.

Once completed vCenter will now be running an embedded PSC and the external PSC will be powered off and can be deleted.

If there are other vCenter in enhanced linked mode follow the same process for each additional vCenter

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