How to Join vCSA 6.5 to an Windows AD Domain

To give access to single sign-on for Windows Active Directory users the Platform service controller (PSC) can be added to AD and an identity source can be added.

To join the PSC to an AD domain. Logon to the vCSA and go to AdministrationDJ1

Once in administration go to Deployment > System Configuration > then select the nodes since I am using  an embedded PSC and vCenter there is only one Node. DJ4

Enter Domain details and username password.DJ6

After the domain join has completed a reboot will be required to complete the domain join.


The domain should now show and the Join tab will be grayed out. DJ8

To add permission for the new domain user go to Administration > Single Sign-on and add the domain as an Identity SourcesDJ2

Once click add identity source go to AD windows authenticationDJ3

The domain name should be already populated and I used the machine account. DJ9


Once completed the identity source should show. DJ11


To add a group to the global permissions go to Administration > Access Control > Global permissions > Manage.DJ12

Select the domain and account to add. DJ15

Select role to assign. DJ13

The group or user should know show in the Global Permissions. DJ14


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