Azure Service Principals Report Using Microsoft Graph SDK

If you’re an Azure administrator, you’re likely familiar with the concept of service principals.

These are application identities that are used to manage access to Azure resources. Service principals are an important part of Azure security, but managing them can be a challenge.

In this blog post, we’ll go through listing service principals and exporting details and group membership.

First we need to connect to Azure using Microsoft GraphSDK, the two permission required are Group.Read.All and Application.Read.All

Next we can use to list all service principal

Get-MgServicePrincipal -All: $true

We can use the Filter parameter to select only the principal that we want to check.

Next I wanted to check what groups the principal was a member off. To do this we can use the ID property and the below command.

Get-MgServicePrincipalTransitiveMemberOf -ServicePrincipalId

We can then use the ID to get the group display name

Get-MgGroup -GroupId

Now that we have the service principal and groups we can create the report script. We will be exporting the Displayname, ServicePrincipaltype, AccountEnabled, AppId, createddatetime and groups.

There are three parameters in the script, ServicePrincipals is used to specify the name or names of the service principals to check.

The ConsoleOnly returns results directly to PowerShell console

If using the reportexport parameter the results will be exported to CSV

The script can be run against one or multiple service principals to report on more than one.

To search more than one use , between the names.

The full script can be downloaded from the below GitHub link.

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