Configure UnityVSA on VMware 6.7

In the previous post we went thorough configuring and setting up the UnityVSA.

Deploying EMC UnityVSA on VMware ESXi 6.7 – TheSleepyAdmins

In this post we will configure the iSCSI initiators, connecting vCenter to the UnityVSA and configure iSCSI LUN that will be used as shared storage between a LAB virtual ESXi hosts.

First step was to create the iSCSI VMKernal adapter on the ESXi host to allow connection to the Unity.

Logon to vCenter, go to the required host > configure > VMKernel adapters and click Add Networking

Select VMKernel Network Adapter

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-89.png

Follow the wizard to create the new VMKernal adapter ( I am using the same IP range as my host as this is just a LAB setup but in production this should be a separate physical network)

Next we need to configure the storage adapter, go back to configure > Storage Adapters and click Add Software Adapter

Next we need to configure the adapter settings to point to the SAN in this case the UnityVSA IP.

Once added the adapter will recommend a rescan, we haven’t configure any LUN’s yet so I will do the rescan after that.

Next we need to configure the VMware access and LUN’s on the Unity.

Logon to the web management console > go to VMware > vCenters and click the + button to add the vCenter server

Add in vCenter details, click find and select the required hosts

I wont be creating a VASA provider so I left that un-ticked and completed the wizard

The hosts and vCenter should now show in the Unity console

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-107.png

Once the host and initiators are added the last step is to configure the LUN’s. This can either be done using block or can be done using VMware storage integration.

If using the VMware integration it will automatically add the datastore to VMware using VMware API’s.

Creating a block LUN is basically the same steps only it doesn’t automate the creation of the Datastore in VMware so in this post we will be using the VMware integration for provisioning LUN’s.

Go to Storage > VMware > Datastores and Click the + button to add

Select block and the VMFS version

Give the datastore a name (This will also be the name that is assigned to the Datastore in VMware)

Select the pool to be used and size of the LUN

Add the hosts that will be configured to access the LUN

I wont be taking snapshots or replication the LUN so I left them un-ticked and complete the wizard

The LUN should now start to be created

There will also be task in VMware showing the Unity starting the rescan of the host HBA’s

If we now check the datastores in VMware the new datastore should show.

VMware and the UnityVSA are now configured and additional LUN can be added to allow for vMotion testing and to setup a cluster as if it where using shared storage.

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