Event ID 2213: Active Directory DFS Replication stopped

I have been seeing intermitent issues with DFS replication on multiple DC’s across our diffrent forest. This has lead to issue with group policy replication below is a copy of the event log.

The DFS Replication service stopped replication on volume C:. This occurs when a DFSR JET database is not shut down cleanly and Auto Recovery is disabled. To resolve this issue, back up the files in the affected replicated folders, and then use the ResumeReplication WMI method to resume replication. 

Additional Information: 

Volume: C: 


Recovery Steps 

1. Back up the files in all replicated folders on the volume. Failure to do so may result in data loss due to unexpected conflict resolution during the recovery of the replicated folders. 

2. To resume the replication for this volume, use the WMI method ResumeReplication of the DfsrVolumeConfig class. For example, from an elevated command prompt, type the following command: 

wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs path dfsrVolumeConfig where volumeGuid=”GUID” call ResumeReplication

To fix the issue we have had to logon to each DC and run the above wmic command to re-eneable, this is time consuming and also requires some form of alerting to know that the replication has stopped. I decided to see if I could script this and came up with a script to search each domain and then run remote Get-wmiobject and call the resume command method. The script is set to automatically run using a schedualed task. Link to technet script is below.

DFS script on Technet

Technet is being retired and content deleted,  so I have moved this script to github.


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